Garrett Dahl


Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet

Garett Dahl is a woodwind specialist, producer, and composer living in Long Beach, California. Graduating in the spring of 2018 from CSULB with a BA in Music, he has held positions in the school's top ensembles including the Wind Symphony and Concert Jazz Orchestra. Today, Garett's primary area of musical focus derives from popular styles, namely funk, rock, pop, and jazz. He offers lessons in saxophone, clarinet, flute, production, theory, songwriting, and composition.


    In the winter of 2015, Garett co-founded the psychedelic/pop band Paisley Shades as a way to hone his collective skill set. On top of performing responsibilities on saxophones and electronics he also leads rehearsals, writes songs and arrangements, produces, records, mixes, and manages the group. Aside from his creative pursuits Garett actively plays tenor and baritone saxophone for Zach Alwin and Duck Funk as well as utilizing his performance skills for freelance session work.


    Being a classically trained musician who then learned jazz and now plays pop, Garett has a thorough understanding of an array of genres. His teaching style revolves around using theory as a vehicle for understanding and directly relating that to the student's interests. Garett aspires to be a full time producer/performer but retains a passion for sharing his musical expertise.