Diane Newberry



My name is Diane Newberry. I am a professional singer and vocal coach.

At the age of seven I was invited to be the lead singer in a show that did summer tours. That was it for me! My love and passion for singing was firmly established and singing became my one and only career path. From that time forward I have spent my life learning everything I can about singing. Throughout school I sang in choir and worked in various groups and ensembles.

After graduating from high school I continued studying music at Idyllwild School of Music and Arts where I studied voice, piano, and song writing. As a working singer and young adult I began studying privately with several of LA’s top voice teachers.

As a professional singer I have sung in many Disney shows, events, and recording sessions. I was a staff singer for Capital Records. I have also sung with many name artists such as Bill Medly, Brian Setzer, and Reba McEntire just to name a few.

In 2008 I was asked to be the music/choir director of a very reputable school in Whittier, CA. I taught K through 8th music at that school for ten years. I discovered that I love teaching singing as much as I love singing myself!

I can teach anyone to sing. I can say this with complete confidence because I have seen the results in my students and their success as singers. There is no one size fits all in singing. I will assess and tailor your lesson to meet your individual needs.